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  • Fuel Efficient Engine
    • 76 hp fuel efficient JCB engine ecoMAX with increased size of coolers for better performance in hot and dusty working conditions.

  • Superior Loader Performance
    • Increased shovel capacity of I.I cu.m with high breakout forces give extraordinary loader productivity. Excellent visibility, improved front reach, lower turning radius and high tractive and breakout forces give 'best-in-class' loader performance.

  • Long Lasting Structure
    • D section loader arm and chassis design gives lifelong structural durability.

  • Improved Tank Capacity
    • Increased diesel tank capacity, provide long hours of continuous duties.

  • Superior Design
    • Pannier design diesel and hydraulic tanks greatly add to the operator convenience.

  • IP 69 Electrics
    • for increased reliability.

  • IP 69 Electrics
    • for increased reliability.

  • Best-in-class Cabin
    • Spacious cabin with ergonomic operator environment with instrument console on the operator's side results in long hours of fatigue free operation.

  • Unmatched Style
    • powder coated, curved exteriors in black and yellow color scheme give the machine a very smart look.



  • Reliable Engine
    • Cummins 150 hp six cylinder-turbo charged with after cooler, water cooled diesel engine.

  • Play load
    • 3650 kgs.

  • Loader
    • Heavy duty three ram geometry (Z bar linkage) providing high breakout forces with excellent loading characteristics. The pin, bush and sealing design on all pivot pins provide extended maintenance intervals.

  • Transmission
    • 4 wheel drive, automatic smooth shift transmission electrically operated selector and gear change incorporating a speed inhibitor and modulation for smooth, responsive on-the-move direction and ratio changes. Single stage integral torque converter, 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.

  • Steering
    • Priority steer hydraulic system with priority valve operating at 170-180 bar to provide smooth low effort response. Steer rams located high in the chassis to provide protection from damage. Adjustable steering column.

  • Hydraulics
    • Single gear pump directly mounted on transmission. Twin spool remote mounted valve block with bucket float. Main services are servo actuated from a hydraulic remote lever (joystick).

  • Bucket Options
    • 1.8 cu.m. (Rock) 2.1 cu.m. (Standard) 2.3 cu.m. 2.7 cu.m. 3.1 cu.m.

  • Reliable IP67 Standard Electrical
    • Electrical connectors that conform to IP67European standards that makes it dust and moisture proof. Hence, more reliable electricals.